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3. During World War II Doric Lodge sponsored the local unit of AIR FORCE CADETS, the only Masonic Lodge in Manitoba to support this commendable and patriotic activity. A strong com­ mittee of Mssons, with Alf. H. Gardner as Commanding Officer and Ralph W. Clarke as assistant brought this unit to a high state of efficiency.

A catalogue of the names of Boissevain Freemasons who have made outstanding contributions to the advancement of the good life in this community, would overflow the space allotted for this sum­ mary, but a few references, more or less at random, may be of interest.

James D. Baine, a greatly beloved Brother, was Master of the Lodge in 1889. In 1909 he was Grand. Master for Manitoba, the only member of Doric to attain to the highest office among the Masons of Manitoba. He died in 1922, greatly mourned by all his Brethren.

In 1890, Dr. Fred L. Schaffner was Master. He was elected to the House of Commons of Canada in 1911 and later became a mem­ ber of the Senate.

R. G. Willis became Master in 1895. He was for many years a member of the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba.

In 1896 William Gordon, who had been on two occasions Secre­ tary of the Lodge, became Master of Doric. He was for many years Clerk of the County Court of Boissevain.

In 1902 two of our better known citizens became members in the persons of W. V. Udall and Alex. R. Welch. Both are still with us and are Fifty Year Gold Medal Masons. Both are prominent in promoting the International Peace Garden. Mr. Udall was for many years the aggressive publisher of the Boissevain Recorder, and Mr. Welch was a member of the Coalition Government, repre­ senting the Constituency of Turtle Mountain.

An item of interest in the year in which we are examining "old things" as well as thinking of "old timers," is the grand piano which is in regular use in the Masonic Lodge Room. It was brought from England to this part of Manitoba by the Holditches and was in 1928 presented to the Masonic Lodge by a Past Master member of the family, E. D. Holditch.

The lVLO.Y.O. maintains on behalf of, and with the financial assistance of the public, a pre school age Play Ground. This has for several years been an outstanding feature of the summer months in Boissevain.

These are a few of the activities of some of the Masons of Boisse­ vain which may be considered of interest to the general public. Throughout its 70 years of continuous active existence, the members of Doric Lodge have devoted much more of their time, effort and money to the advancement of the cardinal principals of the order, namely, Brotherly Love, Relief of Necessity and the Quest for Truth.