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On Monday evening, April 12, 1920, wives, daughters and sisters of Master Masons met in the Masonic Hall for the purpose of organizing a chapter of the Eastern Star in Boissevain. Mrs. Gibson acted as chairman; Mrs. Bolton, as secretary for the meeting.

The name Minnehaha was chosen for the chapter to be insti­ tuted under the General Grand Chapter since there was no Mani­ toba Grand Chapter in 1920.

In the afternoon of July 8, 1920, the initiation of the new mem­ bers and the institution of Minnehaha Chapter No.9, O.E.S., took place in the Masonic Hall. Fifty responded to the roll call. The new chapter was instituted by Queen Mary Chapter No.3 of Brandon and Victoria Chapter No.5 of Hartney. The following officers were elected and appointed.

W.M. Mrs. Kate Gibson
W.P. . ..... Mr. R. G. Willis
A.M. Mrs. Mary Johnson
Sec. . Miss Rosa M. Saults

Treas.. Mrs. Margaret Acheson

Con. Mrs. Ella Willis
A.C Mrs. Eva Graham
Chap Mrs. Constance Sankey
Mar. . Mrs. E. J. Le Dain
Org. . Mrs. Ada Grant
Adah Mrs. Jane Aitkens
Ruth . . .... Mrs. Eliz. Bush
Esther . Mrs. Cassie Udall
Martha . Mrs. Mary White

Electa ... Mrs. Augusta Crowhurst

Warder Mrs. Josephine King
Sentinel Mr. J. H. Gibson

As well as these officers the following became members at this meeting:

Mrs. M. Bolton Mrs. A. Fox Mrs. Rosa Brooks Mr. S. R .Acheson

Mr. E. D. Holditch Mr. E. T. Johnson Mr. Bert Grant Mr. W. V. Udall

The third Tuesday of each month was chosen as the regular meeting day. The first degrees to be conferred by the new chapter took place Sept. 21, 1920. Degrees were conferred upon Mrs. Ethel Gamble, Mrs. Carrie Beckstead, Mrs. Eliza Taylor, Mr. W. P. McAvoy.


Among the settlers who came into the new town in the "Eighties" were four members of the order: W. H. Woodrow from Ontario, Jim Wilson from California, L. Underwood from U:S. and Alex McCullah. They required a fifth man to apply for a Charter, so they borrowed Jack Henderson from Deloraine and on the 19th of March 1889, a Lodge was instituted under the authority of Horace Raymer, Grand Master, Winnipeg.

On the night of the institution, nineteen new members were initiated into the Lodge. These were: Wm. Haight, Geo. Richardson,