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On June 1st, 1957, Presbytery's consent was given to build an edifice adequate to answer the growing needs of an increasing population. A building program, in three stages, was put into action - a basement large enough to meet the immediate needs, a manse, and a sanctuary upon the basement.

On Sunday, May 5th, 1958, a service was held to mark the opening of the new building. Rev. Bowman conducted the service, assisted by Rev. C. L. Barbour, Rev. W. W. Harland and Rev. G. A. Colpitts.

During the year of 1962 a sanctuary was built on the basement foundation, and in 1967 a manse was purchased and furnished for the minister, Rev. Howard Gibson.

Choirs have been a delight and inspirational part of services in McKenzie Church. Organists and (or) choir leaders credited with contributing toward this worthy cause are: Mrs. Raymond Batt, Miss Helen Duncan, Mrs. Violet Galbraith, Mrs. Jack Hill, Mrs. Curwen and Miss A. Cameron.

In 1961, McKenzie Church played its part in the building of a Presbytery church camp at Lynch's Point, Lake Manitoba. It was given the name "Totogan". It will serve the youth of our churches

for many years to come.


St. John's Parish.

Cubmasters, Herbert Jamieson and Phil


A program for the you th of M c Ken z i e Church is carried on each week. In 1967, the C.G.­ LT. had a membership of 30, with Mrs. Joyce Ad­ amson, Mrs. Grace Street and Mrs. Ruby Gorin as leaders; the Explorers, a membership of 14, with Mrs. Cougal as their leader; the Scouts, a membership of 28, under the leadership of Scout Masters Stanley John­ ston and Archie Kitson; and the Cubs, a member-

ship of 53, with their Nicholson.