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Woodworth. Services were held in the parlor of the parsonage, which was built in 1873; the church was built the following year. A second, larger church was built on Tupper St. (it was sold after a time); then, a third church was built on Saskatchewan Avenue. In 1888 a fourth church was built on Royal Road North, and because it was partly destroyed by fire in 1890, the cornerstone for Grace Church was laid in 1891. The same cornerstone was later inserted in the prescent United Church building.

In 1925, the Methodists, Congregationalists and Presbyterians across Canada united to form The United Church of Canada, but for ten years the Knox and Grace congregations continued to function in their respective churches as separate congregations. However, in 1935, these two churches amalgamated. Rev. Hyslop Dickson succeeded Rev. J. W. Cruikshank who was Knox minister for the first ten years of Union. Rev. George Abernethy was the minister from 1938 to 1943 when he was succeeded by Rev. Allan Martin, who was a product of United Church College and joined the United Church".

At the time of the above quoted narration, Knox Church was celebrating its 50th anniversary.

We show first, the Children's Sunday School Choir with Mrs. Bill Burk directing, and Mr. J. D. McRae at the organ.

Front row, left to right: Sandra McKay, Joan Johnston, Nancy Ellwood, Anne-Marie Russell, Shirley Mackey, Sylvia Darling, Paula Bradshaw, Cynthia Guinn, Pa tr ic ia Forsythe, Joy Simpson.

Second row: Pam Earl, Rosemary Bonnett, Kathi Rickey, Melanie Tufford, Brenda Elliott, Leanna Smith, Wendy McMillan, Jo-Anne MacDonald, Beverly Darling. Maureen Batter's.

Third row: Laurel Green, Faye Douglas, Susan Wall, Roselyn Anderson, Linda Parrott, Ian McMillan, Tom Burk, Barbara Muirhead, Kathy Armstr onq, Pat Pettit, Debbie Ryder, Beth McKay, Karen Tufford and Gayle McKay.

Back row! Barbara Harris, Linda Bish, Karen McKay, Barbara Fraser. Marion Taylor, Richard Parrott. Bob Anderson, Harry Robinson, Donald McPherson. Dory Donnelly, Marilyn McLeod, - "?" -, Judy Gibb, Alma Lamont and Carol Tufford.