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While there are several church choirs in Portage la Prairie, two Trinity United Church choirs were the only pictures submitted for this book. We show them here for the purpose of depicting the interest taken, and the participation in, church services by our young people. And we print their names for the future reminiscences of each of them. Maybe, some day, some youngster will proudly point at one of these faces, and say to a friend, "There's grandma, she used to sing in a choir". We regret that all the names of members of these choirs could not be remembered by the lady who kindly gave the pictures to us. Our apologies are extended to anyone whose name is omitted, through no-one's fault.

The next picture is of the Trinity United Church Junior Choir with Mr.

Bill Burk directing. The church was beautifully decorated for Christmas, as you can see, when both pictures were taken. Rev. N. T. Quigley is the pastor of this chur-c.r.

Left side, left to right, Front row: Bobby Zimmerman, Arlene Garven, Jean Simmons, Linda Clark, - "?" -, Ackerman, and Linda Young.

Second row: - "?" -, Betty Ann Roy, Donna Mae Sherritt, Donna Strong,

- "?" -, Lynn Kroeker. .

Third row: - "?" -, Marion Stobie, Susan Coates, Jane Rutherford, ElIza­ beth Sherritt, Joanne Rutherford, Betty Jean Gro b b, Nyall Ross and Donna Zimmerman.

Centre, Second row: Kathleen Ruth Burk, Patricia Carter and - "?" -.

L. Fourth row: - "?" -, Joy Henry, Sandra Bruce, Lana Hughes, - "?" -,

and Elizabeth Burk. .

Right side, right to left, Front row: - "?" -:-, Dianne Cumberland. - '<T">«, Joan White, Bea Ackerman, and Colleen Armstrong.

Second row: Zandra Metcalfe, Sally Cousins, Carol Goodale, Myrna MacKay

and - "?" -.

Third row: Mark Ellwood, - H?" -, Jackie MacMillan, Vivian Owens and

Laurin Patterson.

Fourth row: Jim Jordon, Ethel Anne GOI·al. - '<T" -, Leslie Patterson, Leslie

Parrott, Lois MacLachlan and - "?" --.