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On July the 28th, exactly 46 years after laying the original cornerstone (1881) and with the original cornerstone, as well as a new cornerstone, a new church building was begun. In December of 1927 this church was opened and dedicated. Rev. William Bell was the pastor at that time.

Rev. H. L. Henderson has been the pastor of First Presbyterian Church since 1943.

Presbyterian North Side Mission

North Side Mission or as it is now sometimes referred to "World Wide Mission" began with children and youth in mind. This is still the main objective. At the present time there are 135 children enrolled in various youth programs.

The Sunday School meets each week, summer and winter, for study, worship and recreation. There are also mid-week groups which meet for special purposes, including toboggan rides, sleigh rides, swimming and films.

First meetings were held in the Labor Temple Hall. Later the Prosvita Hall was rented. Here on Sunday the Sunday School meets. There is a Day Kindergarten for the 5 year old children. This has grown from 5 the first year (1962) to 35 in 1969.

Rev. H. L. Henderson was the first minister to serve the Mission, beginning work there in 1943. The Rev. Michael Fesenko of the Ukrainian Church in Toronto made a complete survey of the area and recommended building a Church for the Mission.

Some of the persons who served this Mission have gone forward to high positions. Mr. David Tan (Now Rev. Professor David Tan) is a professor in a theological College in Formosa. Mr. (now Reverend) Wen-Chi-Kim now serves the Korean Church in Japan. Mr. Andrew Zelinski has an important teaching position in British Columbia. Mr. (Now Reverend) Walter Kutcher is presently minister of the Ukrai­ nian Congrega tion in Hamil ton, Ontario. Others who served this mis­ sion include: Miss Kreviazuk, Miss Gladys Dickson, Mr. (now Reverend) Robert Allison of Trail B.C., Mr. L. Sukut, Mr. Cornel Hodowanski and Mr. Desmond McConnell.

A man with great and varied Christian experience, who served the North Side Mission was the Reverend Wasyl Winiausky. Mr. Winiausky served the Reformed Presbyterian Church in Galicia and the West Ukraine, 1932 to 1940. He then served in the camps of displaced persons from 1946 to 1951. He came to the Mission in 1953 and was received as a Minister of The Presbyterian Church in Canada.