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After the removal of the patients, records, beds, bedding and other articles which would be effected by water were removed from the building.

Miss Purvis was the lady superintendent at that time.

Nurses and doctors 01 the Portage General Hospital posed for this picture about 1908.

Front row: L. to R. - Dr. E. J. Lundy, Dr. Frank Lundy, Dr. W. E. Met· calfe and Dr. S. B. Cowan.

Mid. row: Miss Jennie Hogan, Miss (1) McAusland, Miss C. M., Miss Jean Rinn.

Back row: Miss Anne Drummond, Miss Mable Waite, Miss Loretta Linton, Miss Edith Franks, Miss Sara Gettinby, Miss Sarah Williams, Dr. H. A. Gordon and Dr. (1) McKinnon.

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The Portage General Hospital which opened in the autumn 01 1956.

None of these people enjoyed the conveniences of the type of hospital we have at the present time; most duties were performed under difficult circumstances; and wages for services were very small.