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Other early stores were established by Joseph Taylor, B. M.

Canniff and Dr. Cowan.

Following the great Portage fires which destroyed Mr. Taylor's pharmacy and many other buildings of the settlement along Main Street he moved to the Pratt Block on Saskatchewan Avenue in 1883. It has been said that this building was not too sound struc­ turally, and when a dance was in progress above it was a problem to prevent bottles from falling off the shelves!

In 1904 Mr. Taylor disposed of the business to W. A. Vrooman who opera ted it as the Red Cross Pharmacy.

W. A. Vrooman sold to J. A. Dunkin in 1907. Mr. Dunkin was a qualified optometrist and conducted both drug and optical business.

In 1918 Mr. Dunkin disposed of his drug business to J. K.

Hill and continued his optical practice. (In 1920 he moved to Brandon and conducted an optical practice there until he retired. He passed away April 18, 1954.)

J. K. Hill

Mr. J. K. Hill was a well es­ tablished druggist in Portage 11.1 Prairie long hefore the purchase of Mr. Dunkin's business, having built what we know as Hills East Drug Store in 1901. A broth­ er, A. D. Hill carne later and was also associated with the busi­ ness in this building.

When Mr. Hill purchased Mr.

Dunkin's business he moved the stock to his own store and Dr. S. B. Cowan, who had previously been in business in the west end, moved in to the Dunkin store in the Pratt Block.

Mr. Frank Ingram and Mr.

Harry Rungay have been men­ tioned as having operated the Cowan drug store from 1914 to 1916.

Dr. Cowan sold this business to J. R. Macdonald in 1922 and it was known as the Portage Pharmacy until 1938 when W. J. Ripley hought it and changed the name to Ripley's Drug Store. The name