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ly from Portage), Second - R. B. Pow, from the Lakehead and Lead - Errick F. Willis (later Lieut.-Governor of Manitoba).

For their services to the game of curling in the Province, and as officers of the Provincial Association the following Portagers have been recognized over the years by the award of Honorary Life Membership in the Manitoba Curling Association:

1913 - W. H. Sparling, 1927 - Isaac W. Thompson, 1933 - S. M. MacDonald, 1950 - Alex Waddell, and 1953 - Harvey D. Sparling, Q.C.

For the past several years, James vV. Wishart, of this city, has undertaken the monumental responsibility of Drawmaster for the Provincial Bonspicl in Winnipeg, which is usually rated as the largest in the world I


Believe it or not, Portage also had its cricket teams around the turn of the century, and later. The cricket grounds (pitch) were located just north of the railway tracks and east of Main St.

A game between Portage and Winnipeg (when the two teams were vieing for the championship) was recorded in 1895. The score was 170 to 150 in favor of Portage. The newspaper article says, "Mr. C. P. Wilson won the distinction of being the first to have his name engraved on the Allan cup by making 101 and not out. The next time he scores 100 the cup will become his own property."


Portage had one of the top Rowing clubs of the Province of Manitoba during the first quarter of the Century. It was strongest before the first World War. The Club House which housed all of the sculls and equipment, with a dance floor on the second storey, was situated just west of the Crescent Lake bridge on the Island, looking out over the lake. Later, in the 1920s it was moved to the golf course and became the first Golf Club House.

There were also private boat houses built out into the water on the east side of the bridge on both the north and south sides of the lake. Row boats, canoes and sailboats, including racing dinghies from Toronto Bay on Lake Ontario, plied the waters of Crescent Lake for several years. Portage la Prairie even had its own boat builders!

The Lake, today, is a delight for the photographer who wants to capture scenic beauty. Canada geese and wild ducks seem to