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sense that they have sanctuary there, as they float like plastic toys in a giant bath tub, unmindful of the colorful canoes and sail boa ts that are a part of the scene.


Tennis flourished in Portage in the first quarter of the Century, with many private grass courts on home grounds, and splendid cIubcourts attached to the Grace Methodist Church grounds (where the Safeway Store is now situated) and the old Presbyterian Church grounds to the west side of the present United Church.

After the First World War, the present well-kept tennis courts were established on Island Park. Since that time several Portagers have achieved Provincial fame as champions; Connie Ioanides won it one year; Jim Ioanides, several years; Cameron Hoover, one year and Addy Ryngach, two years. Gordon Hoover, although he never won the title, was championship material and nearly always reached the finals in provincial junior tournaments.

While trophies were being presented, a man stood smiling proud­ ly in the background. He was the man who played tennis with them and coached them to victory. He was a man who did it for the sheer joy of participation. And he is a Portager of whom we can be very proud. His name is Ralph Rowley.

Another Portage tennis coach of whom we can be very proud is James Preece who is known to have managed the courts single handed as well as coach for at least five years. Unfortunately the author has not been given material on this period so there is not much that can be added. However, it is known that Bruce Miller (who is now a lawyer) and Charles Sing (who is now a lawyer also) were paired with two outside players and did credit to the coaching of James Preece by winning Provincial Championships in doubles com petitions.

In 1966, Addy Ryngach not only won the Manitoba Singles Trophy for 18 years and under in tennis, but also the Prairie Regional Singles Title in her age group.

Gordon Hoover and Addy Ryngach both won awards for being the best tennis players attending the University of Manitoba in 1968.


The game of golf was first established in Portage la Prairie in 1922. A group of local citizens got together and decided to rent