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Portage Collegiate Institute Hockey Team-Shown her-e from left to right are:

Back row: L. McDougall, Asst. Manager; W. C. Byas, Manager; F. Kennedy, Trainer: Ade. Johnson. Ooach : G. Jones. Pres. Portage Hockey Club.

Second row: J. McCullough (R. Wing), A. Smart, (L. Wing), B. Osborne (L. Wing), L. McDougall (Centre), J. Collier (R. Wing), M. Pecket (L. Wing), and G. Crewson (Defence).

Front row: A. Winchuk (Defence), L. Kennedy (Utility Goalkeeper). Fred Bowman (L. Wing [Capt,]); Ross King (Goal) and J. Stewart (Defence).

Craig Stewart, seated on the floor. was mascot for this team also.

To anyone not living in Portage, this might be just another hockey picture, but a few extra words might be of interest to you:

Ade Johnson played hockey in the Major Leagues; J. Stewart, or "Black Jack Stewart" as he was nicknamed, played for many years with the Detroit Red Wings; Craig Stewart, the little mascot, is today a member of parliament for Minnedosa; and all of these boys served in one or other of the armed services during World War II.

The Winnipeg Tribune, January 29, 1955, contains a picture of Mr. Harry Foxton and beneath it is the following: "MAHA PREXY: Harry Foxton has long headed the Manitoba Amateur Hockey Association and is just one of those wondering when his city will make a successful comeback into the realms of good-brand hockey."

Since the time that was written interest in the game has built up, and with the talent shown by young players today we feel it