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The following information is taken from the Parliamentary Guide.


1871 Marquette

At the election held for this district, 2 March, 1871, the candidates were Angus McKay and James S. Lynch, M.D., each of whom received 282 votes; consequently neither of the candidates was returned.

Canadian Parliamentary Guide, 1872.

On trial of election petition, 25 Aug. 1874, Mr. J. Ryan was

declared the sitting member .

On acceptance of office by Sir J. A. Macdonald, new writ, Joseph Ryan.

Macdonald - New electoral division created in 1892; general election 1896.

1871 Marquette Cunningham, Robert (L)

1874 Marquette

1878 Marquette

1882 Marquette Watson, R.
Sutherland, Hugh (L)
1904 Macdonald (Altered 1903) Staples, W. D. (C)
1904 Portage la Prairie Crawford, John (L)
1908 Portage la Prairie Meighen, Arthur (C)
1911 Portage la Prairie Meighen, Arthur (C)


July 19,

1913 Portage la Prairie Meighen, Hon. Arthur (C)
1917 Portage la Prairie Meighen, Hon Arthur (C)
1921 Portage la Prairie Leader, Harry (P)
1925 Portage la Prairie Meighen, Rt. Hon. Arthur (C)
1926 Portage la Prairie McPherson, Ewan Alex. (L)
1930 Portage la Prairie B urns, William Herbert (C)
1935 Portage la Prairie Leader, Harry (L)
1940 Portage la Prairie Leader, Harry (L)
1945 Portage la Prairie Leader, Harry (L)


Oct. 21,

1946 Portage la Prairie Miller, Calvert Charlton (PC)

1947 Portage La Prairie became Portage Neepawa

1949 Portage Neepawa Weir, W. G. (LP)