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January 1, 1907, the name of the district was changed to "Edwin" in honor of Edwin James who was manager of that railway at the time.

In 1907 the people of Edwin received telephone service. The first subscribers were: J. Crewson, J. S. Boak, Robert McDermott, George Charlton and Thomas Bedford. "Central" was at Bagot at that time, but later it was changed to Portage la Prairie. At the present time (1968) the community is enjoying dial phones.

In 1910 a Ladies' Aid was organized which lasted until the early 1960s. A W.M.S. was formed in 1905 and only four members of this group are left.

Edwin had two elevators at one time. The first one was built in 1917 by Andrew Forsythe of High Bluff. It was later moved away. The second one, built in 1928 by the Manitoba Pool Elevator Company, still serves the community.

In 1949 Edwin received hydro service and electrical appliances and water-works soon became an accepted part of daily life there.

While the people in the community appreciate the benefits of the progress that has been made, there is a little nostalgia for the "togetherness" they once knew: the church services in the school house; the congenial gathering of neighbors for a common cause; and the times when the pastoral scene was made more beautiful by the sight of numerous sleek horses in a pasture; and contented cows wearing tinkling bells.

Livestock is rare now. Children go to school by bus. Residents drive to Portage la Prairie to church. Farm work is done with the aid of machinery. And evenings are spent viewing television instead of visiting as in the old days.

To prevent the names of pioneers of Edwin from sinking into oblivion we will mention as many of them as names are available here: John McConochie, James McConochie, Frank Woods, L. W. Crewson, William McCulloch, Joseph Patterson, Frank Dankes­ reiter, R. J. Fawcett, William Candy, John McKenzie, J. S. Boak, Sol Hadley, John Pallister, Dave McKenzie, a Mr. Keele, William Gould, Robert McIntosh, Willard Black, Charles Larkin, Richard Trimble, Robert McDermott, Walter Brass and Mr. M. Cail,

A few of the farmers who are tilling the soil which was originally broken by the pioneers are: Harry Gould, Lloyd Slater and Hugh McDermott.