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At a time when there were no drainage ditches and much of the area was therefore swamp, it took mighty optimistic pioneers to regard it as a land of promise. Such people were Mr. and Mrs. Dave McKinnon who came to Oakville in 1874 and were the first settlers there. Following them were: the Alexander Christie family) the Tom Vint family, Sam Hall, Bob Dawson, Mr. and Mrs. William Vint, Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Woods, Ed. Morrow, Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Parker, Mr. ? Williams, Jack Grant, Tom Stair, Bob McIntyre, the McQuins, Bill McKee, the McShannocks, the MandervilIes, Jim Bell, Honorable R. Tait, the Staples, the Zimmermans and Van Meters, Thomas Wark, VV. Thompson, J. Little, William Whitman, the Dave Thompsons, the T. Plaskett family, Mr. and Mrs. Peavine Sinclair, Mike Parynuiok, Jack Hamilton, William J. Solomon, the Spence family, John Elliot, Bob Lees, Finlay Robertson, Bill Moxham, Colin McDonald, Jim Mason, the Inksters, the John Lee family, the Nels Kitchen family, H. J. Nicholls and family, Harry Nicholls and family, the Herb Nicholls family, the George Blight family, the Joe Maloney family, W. Holliday, the Pages, the Stewarts, the T. Irvines, the Elijah L. Tully family, the R. G. Miller family, Mr. ? Picord, the Beam family, Neil Wallace, the Andrew W. Boddy family, the James Bartlett family, Nat Bradley, the Colin Burnell family, Frank Herbert, the Wm. R. Thomas family, the Wm. L. Boddy family the? Ross family, the John Craig family, James and John King families, John and James Moffatt families, T. W. Prouts, John R. McDonalds, James Donnelly and probably many more whose names are unavail­ able.

It's impossible to mention all the descendants of these families in limited space. However, for a very interesting narrative on the lives and experiences of the above mentioned families, we refer you to "The Deeper Roots of Oakville" by A. J. Moore,

The first school classes were held in the McKinnon home, which they named "Glengarry" after a place in Ontario from whence they had come. Seven McKinnon children were the only students for some time. Miss Eliza Chisholm was their teacher.

In 1889 a school was erected, then another larger one in 1891.

Both were built of logs.

Oakville has come a long way since those days! A large, modern Collegiate (built in 1962) is evidence of this.

Schools which were built in the districts around Oakville through the years were: Elm River (1890), Salem (1890), Fortier (1893), Ingleside (1894) , Beau tifu I Va lIey (1896), Mill Creek (1898) and Curtis (1902).